Trojan BB Team 2023 Easton HYPE Composite USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat 30 X 20oz – 2 3/4 Barrel


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Dig in and get ready to make some noise with the 2023 Easton Hype Comp 10 USSSA Baseball Bat

Bat Benefits

The Easton Hype Comp is a two-piece, all-composite USSSA Certified bat jam-packed with state-of-the-art technology so you can excel at the plate

The Hype Comp will be the lightest swinging in Eastons 2023 lineup, but don’t let that fool you. It will feature a massive barrel constructed with Thermo Composite Technology that delivers a large sweet spot and explosive power. Joined together by Easton’s ConneXion Max connection point, the TCT works in conjunction with the ProStiff Carbon Handle to offer game-altering performance.

A Power Boost Soft Knob is applied to the handle to provide hitters more leverage and to assist with vibration. Lastly, Eastons FlowTack Grip provides the Hype Comp with great cushion and a first-class feel
2 3/4 Inch Barrel Diameter

Drop 10 Length-To-Weight Ratio

Balanced Swing Feel

Two-Piece, All-Composite Baseball Bat

Features The USSSA 1 15 BPF Certification
Thermo Composite Technology This Hype Is The Lightest Swinging Bat In Easton’s Lineup, But Its Composite Barrel Still Displays A Massive Length and A Big Sweet Spot. This Creates An Irresistible Bat For Both Contact and Power Hitters.

Connexion Max This Connection Piece Creates A Stiff Feel At Contact With A Baseball And It Is Filled With Nitrocell Foam To Limit Uncomfortable Vibration From Getting To A Batters Hands.

Pro-Stiff Carbon Handle Built With Really Stiff Carbon Fibers To Exhibit A Solid Feel. Should Produce An Excellent Feel At Contact With A Baseball

Power Boost Knob Soft Knob Provides A Comfortable Swinging Experience For The Bottom Hand. As Well, It Should Help Increase Leverage, Power Potential and Cut Down On Any Vibrations That Get Past The Connection Piece.

Flow-Tack Grip Provides The Utmost Cushion And Traction On A Batters Hands Or Batting Gloves During The Swing.